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2012 Easter Day Tips
Gifts for Easter .com not only gives you great Easter gift ideas, but we also give you great Easter tips too! We have wonderful Easter tips and craft ideas for the whole family to enjoy.
Easter Tips 1
  If you hide eggs for an Easter Egg hunt make sure you know how many you started with and where you hid them all. Itís no fun to realize you missed one because you start smelling a rotten egg. Itís also no fun to deal with a melted chocolate mess because plastic eggs filled with chocolate got hot in the sun.
Easter Tips 2
  Watch the sugar intake of young children. Donít let them eat all of the chocolate bunnies and jelly beans they are given. Set some limit on what is allowed.
Easter Tips 3
  If you plan on dying or decorating eggs, make sure they are hard-boiled properly. This will allow them to last a little longer, and they are still safe to eat on Easter Morning.
Easter Tips 4
Dressed up kids and families are great for Easter Sunday services, just donít expect the perfect appearance to last much past having a picture taken. Allow the kids to be kids and dress them in something that is cute, but that is also comfortable.
Easter Tips 5
To minimize the risk of spoilage, never leave colored hard-cooked eggs outside the refrigerator for more than two hours. And throw them away pronto if they get cracked! Better still, use plastic eggs for Easter egg hunts; fill them with jelly beans, SweeTarts, Skittles or other non-melting candies to reduce the risk of chocolate mess!
Easter Tips 6
Egg fights are not exactly what they sound like. It is a Mediterranian tradition among Christians to have "egg fights" on and after Easter. One person takes a dyed, hard-boiled egg and holds it in her hand with the pointy end pointing up. Another person takes a dyed egg and taps the point of it into the point of the other person's egg. The person whose egg doesn't crack is the winner and goes on to play the next contender until there is only one winner left! Be sure to choose your egg wisely!
Easter Tips 7
While a pretty addition for your Easter decorations, Easter Lilies are very poisonous to cats. So if you own a cat, be sure to keep it far away from these flowers as even just one petal can cause severe poisoning.
Easter Tips 8
You can save some money on non-food Easter related items like decorations and Easter Egg Baskets if you purchase them just after the holiday. You can stock up on these items for next year's festivities at a fraction of the cost!
Easter Tips 9
To add festive flare to a floral centerpiece, dye water in a vase before putting white flowers in. This is another fun activity to engage your children in as they will get a kick out of watching the pedals change color right before their eyes! This will completely transform a bouquet of flowers.
Easter Tips 10
The hard boiled eggs used for decoration and hiding in the Easter Egg Hunt need to be store in a fridge with a temperature of 40įF or lower. Make sure to check your refrigerator temperature before storing the eggs.

Kids Easter Craft Tips
Kids love to have fun on Easter. Here are a few Easter craft tips for kids!
Kids Easter Tips 1
Organize a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt!! You and your kids will have great time.
Kids Easter Tips 2
You may find that young children will have a blast having easter egg hunts inside the house with plastic eggs in the days following Easter. Be sure to let THEM have some turns trying to hide the eggs as well for an interesting change.
Kids Easter Tips 3
Let your little girl decorate her own Easter Bonnet. She can help you to attach ribbon and flowers to a plain straw or white hat. If necessary the adult can hot glue on what is going on with the little girl saying where. If she feels involved, then she may just wear the hat for the day Ė proudly showing off her creation.
Kids Easter Tips 4
You can use tissue paper to dye Easter eggs. Make sure you use bright colors and newer paper so the dye transfers well.
Kids Easter Tips 5
Don't just paint the Easter eggs, let kids have fun gluing feathers, sequins, and ribbons to their creations too!

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